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VOIP Solutions

Solutioncoms offers a world class voice over IP (VOIP) service at cost effective rates through MTN Business.The primary drive behind the VOIP service is to provide clients with substantial savings on their voice communication costs. We consider the quality of our clients’ calls to be non-negotiable. We aim to provide you with the best possible service at all times.

The billing component of our network allows for online web portal where customers can access their telephone bill online. Audit analysis is carried out on a consistent basis whereas the customer’s usage is cross referenced with network charges, making sure that our customers are charged for the correct usage at the correct tariffs. Telephone abuse monitoring also enables companies to identify and contain problem areas where this takes place.

Product Overview

Solutioncoms through Voice & Data makes use of the MTN nationwide fibre and ADSL Network.MTN have co located transit links making sure that traffic is directly sent to the MTN network before the data is traffic shaped or before contention is applied to the sharing of this data.As a result you will achieve higher quality data experience and an improved Voice quality across this network.MTN own all local, National and International links making sure that our network is performing at an optimum quality at all times.The ADSL and Fibre network performs on layer 1 on the MTN MPLS network. At this layer, voice can be prioritised and a significant difference can be achieved in voice quality over traditional IP networks and wireless devices.

VOIP solutions

Benefits of the VOIP Network

  • One Network
  • No Load Balancing
  • Dynamic Overflow of Calls
  • Free inter Branch calls * Subject to routers at each branch
  • Mobex over SIP *

Pricing on Request