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ConnectivityThe imminent deregulation of the telecommunications industry will swing the door wide open for increased competition among major players in the market. On a typical PBX customer installation, the customer now can connect through a multiple of connectivity solutions.

Samsung are the approved and authorised distributors of:

  • Telkom
  • Neotel
  • VoIP
  • Cellular (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C)

Cost savings is a paramount decision with any PABX purchase and can vary between 2% and 45% across local calls, national calls, international calls as well as cellular calls in the above connectivity solutions. With telephone expenses generally the second largest overhead in an organisation, customers cannot ignore such cost savings.

With each provider, it’s vital that the customer achieves cost savings while simultaneously ensuring that the toll speech quality of voice is maintained at all times. The PABX should have the capability of integrated least cost routing as well as the internet VOIP functionality, so that all providers can be seamlessly integrated to one point, your Samsung PBX.

Each of the above providers offer ample quality of service in terms of reliability and downtime. This is essential as for every 1% downtime per year on a PABX; a company looses 87 hours in which potential customers could have called. When spreading connectivity across four providers, the risk is spread across four different areas, thus limiting potential risk in any one area. Mia offers end users accountability and are responsible for the operations of services from all four networks, simplifying technical matters and billing infrastructure. Mia also ensures that the PBX correlates with the connectivity offering, so customers are able to view their consolidated monthly telephone costs from the telephone management system.

One PABX platform handling many services offers the end-user increased functionality. Features such as Voicemail, AA, Conferencing can be offered on all devices that are connected to the PBX. IP Phones that are situated remotely are now able to access these features on the PBX, so business executives are able to log into the system and remotely check their voicemail and communicate with the company. When an organisation has nationwide branches, VoIP offers greater flexibility as the branches are able to combine resources by implementing a VoIP solution. With integrated call forwarding, calls can be forwarded to one of the branches if necessary. The Samsung PBX retains all the features such as CTI and Direct Dialing Inward across these VoIP and IP Telephony links.

Communication is changing constantly. With each network’s prices changing daily to gain market share, it simplifies things when your connectivity supplier and PABX hardware supplier are the same. As the networks change their pricing, the PABX must be updated with the latest programming to take full advantage of those changes. Mia ensures that this happens with no interruption to your business.

With a comprehensive dealer network of 70 trained and authorised communication centres countrywide and a combined staff compliment of over 800 people, Mia is able to provide comprehensive support to all end users. All communication centres are trained and certified to ensure that the end user receives the best possible service and support. This has resulted in a customer base of more than 32,000 satisfied customers since 1997 in South Africa.

Samsung and Neotel

Samsung has partnered with Neotel, South Africa’s new telecommunications operator and first converged communications network operator. Neotel’s mission is to provide the latest technology and world-class service at an affordable price and meet company’s telecoms requirements, reduce the cost of doing business and extend global technological advances. Neotel tailors solutions to ensure the best possible communications package with short lead times, personalised service, quick installation and business transparency.

Neotel’s network is based on a combination of next generation technologies, such as fibre, WiMAX, satellite, under sea connectivity and wireless Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). CDMA provides joint capacity for voice and data capabilities, with many users able to occupy the same time and frequency allocations. This technology has allowed Neotel to offer a fully converged service offering to small offices, home offices and medium-sized businesses.

Together, Neotel and Samsung Networking are able to supply customers with turnkey solutions that provide flexibility, high levels of customisation and minimal downtimes. The benefit being a measurable cost saving.